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Size: 1.8-inch SPI serial bus

Resolution: 128*160

Driver IC: ST7735

1. Support various MCU in-line without any wiring

2. Integrated voltage regulator IC, support 5V or 3.3V power supply

3. On-board level conversion scheme, truly compatible with 5V/3.3V IO level, supporting various microcontroller IO connections

4. Integrated SD card expansion circuit,

5. Reserve SPI FLASH font circuit to facilitate extended application

Technical Parameters:
Display color: 16BIT RGB 65K color

Size: 1.8 (inch)

Type: TFT

Driver chip: ST7735S

Resolution: 128 * 160 (Pixel)

Module interface: 4-wire SPI interface

Backlight: 2 White Led

Effective display area: 28.03x35.04 (mm)

Module PCB size: 38.30x62.48 (mm)

Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Storage temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

Working voltage: 5V / 3.3V

Weight (including packaging): 18 (g)


Project Example


1.44 Inch TFT LCD Display Module Color Screen SPI Serial Port 128*160