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The SW-18010P vibration sensor is a small spring inside a metal casing. As the sensor vibrates or moves the spring will make contact with the metal casing and conduct through the sensor.

As this sensor a simple circuit, it will draw very little power and is ideal for a low power circuit.

This sensor has four pins sided left to right i.e analogue out (AO), digital out (DO), ground (GND) and input voltage (VCC). The analogue out will give the raw data from the sensor module.

Digital out will be LOW when motion is detected above the set threshold and HIGH when none is. The threshold can be set by changing the onboard potentiometer.

Analogue out is the raw vibration level and will be 0 when a large amount of movement is detected and 1023 when no motion is detected.

18010P SW18010P Vibration Sensor

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