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MG90S is a micro servo motor with metal gear. This small and lightweight servo comes with high output power, thus ideal for  RC Airplane, Quadcopter or Robotic Arms.


- Metal Gear
- Full Ball Bearing
- Light Weight
- Less Noise
- Connector Wire Length 250mm


Products Description:
For: Mini Car / Mini Ship / Helicopter & Airplane
Model: MG90S SG90 upgraded version
Weight: 12G
Speed: 4.8V&0.10sec/60 degrees; 6.0V&0.09sec/60 degree
Torque: 4.8V&1.6KG-cm; 6.0V&1.8kg-cm
Voltage: 4.8V6.0V
Connector Wire Length 250mm
Dimension: 22.6mm x 12.1mm x 22.5mm
Dead Band Width: 5 usec
Interface Specifications: JR / FP General
Accessories: Multi-arm, fixing screws
Scope: Helicopters KT, fluttering, gliding, small robots, and other models
Recommend Model: Mini Car / Mini Ship / Helicopter & Airplane



1. MG90S – Metal Gear Micro Servo Motor

2. Getting Started with Servo Motors using an Arduino


High Quality MG90S Metal Copper Gear Digital 9g Servo Motors SG90s

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