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Product Description.

The HDMI Cable allows you to watch HD content from your Alpha a7S II, a7R II, a7R III Mirrorless Camera on the big screen.

HDMI type D connector is designed for cell phones, pocket cameras, Featuring a full 19-pin array, the HDMI Micro Connector can handle video signals up to 1080p. 

Standard HDMI (Type A) to Micro HDMI (Type D) cable provides connections between the micro connector on your portable device to the standard HDMI connector found on most video displays allowing you to play back your high definition mobile content on your big screen HDTV. A great way to share your media experience with friends and family.  

HighSpeed HDMI™ cable with Ethernet supports up to 2160p resolutions, operating at higher speeds and with greater bandwidth thanks to the latest developments in multimedia connectivity. But differentiation comes from quality, and with gold-plated connectors and meticulously inspected wires within, this is more than just a cable – it's a gateway to better visuals and sound, with spectacular 3D and pristine image precision, all through a convenient single cable!



  • Type D, micro HDMI to Type A, HDMI.
  • 34AWG copper conductors
  • Designed to HighSpeed HDMI™ cable with Ethernet with faster transfers and more bandwidth
  • HDMI to micro HDMI connection fits a wide variety of devices
  • Gold plated connectors
  • 4.95Gbps data throughput
  • 34AWG copper conductors
  • Ferrite core helps protect against RFI/EMI
  • HDMI Micro connector head measures only 13.0mm thick and 16.2mm wide
  • Lenght" 3-foot.

Micro HDMI To HDMI cable

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