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This is a DC Electromagnet 6V, 9V and 12V Push/Pull Suction type that is designed to operate in pushing and pulling mechines. This lock uses a solenoid which is magnetized by the process called electro magnetization. In this process a voltage is passed in a coil which induces  a magnetic field in a coil, there for pulling the metallic arm inside .



Electromagnet size: 13*15*20 MM

Core diameter: 5 MM

Core length: 24 MM

Line length: about 160 MM

Weight: about 20 g

Resistance: 50 euro

Attraction: greater than 70 GF

Adaptive voltage: DC 6 V - 12 V (No information from the supplier, we estimate by testing.)

Voltage: DC 6 V current: 0.1 A

Voltage: DC 9 V current: 0.17 A

Voltage: DC 12 V current: 0.21 A


Micro Mini Solenoid Lock

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