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Family Name = STM8S
Package Type = TSSOP
Mounting Type = Surface Mount
Pin Count = 20
Device Core = STM8
Data Bus Width = 8bit
Program Memory Size = 8 kB
Maximum Frequency = 16MHz
RAM Size = 1 kB
USB Channels = 0
Number of PWM Units = 1
ADC Channels = 5
Number of SPI Channels = 1
Typical Operating Supply Voltage = 5.0 V
Number of UART Channels = 1

STM8S Series Mainstream 8-Bit Microcontrollers, STMicroelectronics. The STM8S series of general-purpose 8-bit Flash microcontrollers is an advanced core version of the STM8 featuring a 3-stage pipeline. The STM8S delivers up to 20MIPS at a clock rate of 24MHz.

STM8S003F3P6 8-bit

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