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Circuit board parameters:

Circuit board product voltage DV 5V

Current 300mA

Power 2W

Frequency 108KHz, fixed frequency single-chip microcomputer Driver board size: length 35×width 20×height 17mm (there will be slight errors)

Strong versatility, large amount of fog, stable performance, the chip has an automatic timing shutdown function (4 hours of continuous work will automatically shut down protection, if you need to turn on again, press the power on again). 5V USB power supply mode, can be powered by usb charging cable.


Atomizing film parameters

The net diameter of the atomized steel sheet is 16mm, the outer diameter of the silicone ring is 20mm, and the wire length is 8cm. Product voltage DV 5V, current 300mA, power 2W, frequency 108KHz, hole number 740, hole diameter 5um The microporous atomized sheet produced by us is coated with a special glaze protective layer on the surface of the ceramic sheet, which is resistant to acid and alkali and prevents the silver layer from being corroded and oxidized by the liquid.

Ultrasonic Mist Maker Atomizing Fogger Humidifier Module D20mm 113KHz w/PCB

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