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  • Size: 2.7x1.7x1.3CM
  • Supply voltage: DC 5V
  • Supply current: >100mA
  • Standby power consumption: about 17.5mA
  • Communication method: serial communication (5V TTL level)
  • Emission distance: 6-10 meters (different depending on the ambient light and the condition of the transceiver)
  • Receiving distance: 6-10 meters (related to the power of the transmitting equipment)
  • Support NEC encoding chip: (Typical encoding chip such as uPD6121, uPD6122, TC9012 and many compatible chip models, such as PT2221, PT2222, SC6121, SC6122, SC9012, etc.)
  • Infrared signal: wavelength 940nm 38KHz
  • The baud rate defaults to 9600bps, and the serial port can be set to 4800, 19200, 57600bps.
  • GND: negative for 5v power supply
  • 5V: positive for 5V power supply (4.5-5.5V)
  • RXD: TTL serial port receiver
  • TXD: TTL serial port transmitter
  • Infrared expansion port: can directly connect the infrared head to achieve multi-angle control


YS-IRTM IR Infrared Remote Transmitter Receiver Wireless Module

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