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Bbiri Applied ICT Centre Limited was established in September 2018 and immediately started producing products solving challenges in solar electronics and systems, to start with.

We are a group of Engineers and technicians passionately engaged in solving customer needs in Electronics, embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). We believe Information Communication Technology (ICT) is an ingredient in solving most of the challenges we face at all levels - domestic, industrial, name it.


Bbiri Applied ICT Centre Limited provides training services, electronics prototyping, printed circuit boards (PCB) design, products development, school projects supervision, and R&D services to students, individuals and companies.

In belief, We help people solve their ICT related challenges.

We achieve this through three approaches:

  1. By making components needed to implement the ideas available

  2. By proving expert knowledge needed to realize the ideas

  3. By corroborating  with  them (Clients) as we implement the idea on their behalf


To be the comprehensive centre for ICT solutions and training in East Africa.


Providing exclusive ICT training, consultancy, and products in sustainable and appropriate models.


  • To provide hands-on training in modelling  a competent ICT professional who is fully employable in the modern industrial environment

  • To develop appropriate paperwork, guidance, advocacy and networks/links in creating better models of bridging the gap between ICT and its application

  • To produce better quality ICT products, with satisfactory user support, to earn customer confidence in providing diverse and reliable products

  • To create employment for ICT related skilled, semi-skilled and technical individual and other support personnel owners

  • To generate income and profits for Bbiri Applied ICT Centre Limited

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