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Data Cable Installation


Bbiri Applied ICT Centre offers a number of services to our diverse customers ranging from training, product development, R&D to contract manufacturing. The vast knowledge and years of working experience in ICT industry, gives us the edge to deliver beyond the expectations of our customers.

Code on Laptop Computer

Applied ICT Skills Training

Linking academic knowledge to competences required in the ICT industry can prove to be a big challenge to some students and professionals a like. It is a common practice for a number of students to market themselves using academic qualifications instead of highlighting what they can do.

This program would awaken, make-visible and put-to-use the ICT in you. The training is delivered through hands-on learning of objectively selected modules that answers the needs of today’s modern industrial ICT environment. The CDIO model is followed.


Electronics Prototyping

That concept you have and you would wish to test and see if it works but you are wondering where to start from, a prototype would help you achieve a proof of concept.  Bbiri Applied ICT Centre Engineering group works closely with customers to convert their concepts into designs and then produce prototypes needed to test the ideas out.


Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Bbiri Applied ICT Centre liaises with customers to prepare files and documents necessary for the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCB). Through our network of manufacturers we help our customers to get quality PCBs.

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Product Development

If you have an idea you would wish to convert into a product or service, Bbiri Applied ICT Centre can help you out realize that dream. We work with you through the steps of product development including brainstorming, design, prototyping and testing up to the manufacturing stage. If needed, we can also handle the manufacturing process for you.

Computer Circuit Board

R&D Services

At Bbiri Applied ICT Centre, customers bring their problems/challenges and we carry out the needed research to look for possible solutions. We could also develop a prototype to test solution’s effectiveness in handling the problem being solved.

Electronic Wires

School Projects Supervision

At Bbiri Applied ICT Centre, we welcome students with projects in Electronics, Embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT), and we work with and guide them up to their project completion. Students pay a small fee for the consumables and facilitation of a supervisor(s). It must be noted that we do not build the project for students, but work with you to make sure that you learn the steps needed to complete all the project tasks.

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