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Here are the questions we are most frequently being asked.

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  • Can i pay via Mobile money and you deliver the goods to me?
    Yes, you can pay with Mobile money. For customers around Kampala metropolitan area, we can arrange a Boda boda to deliver the goods to you, but you foot the delivery charges. You could also send registered Boda boda riders such as Safe boda to pick your package. Delivery charges around Kampala ranges from 3,000/- to 10,000/- depending on the distance.
  • What about us, who live far away from Kampala, for instance as far as Kabale, can you put our goods say on a Bus or Taxi?"
    Yes, it is possible. You could pay by mobile money but add extra for the delivery to the Bus terminal and the Bus contactor to deliver to you. Remember, our responsibility stops on handing over your package to the Bus conductor. We share his/her number to you and that is it. However, we must mention that we have not had any instance where the package got lost on the Bus or Taxi.
  • What happens if i buy an item and i find it fauilty on testing it, do you replace it with a working one ?"
    We do not sell faulty goods, if it happens that you get a faulty item, we replace it or give your money back. However, we would ask you for the proof of purchase, that is to say, a receipt. We also examine the item to see if it was no you who broke it and now trying to be cleaver by a half. So when you buy anything from our shop, please ask for your receipt, just in case.
  • If the component i want is not in your shop, can you order it for me?"
    Yes, we can order it for you. You give us the specifications of the item you want and we check with our chain of suppliers to see if one or more of them has it. If it is available, we then calculate the cost, transport and the taxes involved. You pay to us a deposit of at least 50% of the total cost before and you clear the balance when you pick you goods.
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