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Product Features:

1.Type A Male to Type A Female Extension,Extend the reach of your existing USB cable

2.This USB extension cable is a great accessory if you have an MP3 player, cell phone, flash drive, portable GPS, or other USB device.

3.USB port for all your USB Devices such as Flash Memory Pen Drives,Digital Cameras,or PDAs. 4.Actively buffers the incoming and outgoing signals to assure compliance with USB 3.0 . 5.Fast,580Mbits/sec transmission speed.

6.Supports Plug and Play specification.

7.Superior foil shielding provides reliable,error-free data communications.

8.Hot pluggable Cord


10.Packing in box or PEbag

0.5M USB 3.0 Extension Cable High Speed 3.0 USB Male to Female Cable

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