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TFT Display 1.69 Inch SPI ST7789 Chipset
This is a 280 X 280 pixels TFT display module, with a 1.69inch display size making it a great fit for small size projects like wearable IoT or any other portable devices. The display’s driver IC is ST7789, which you can find many libraries to quickly start with.



Size 1.69 "IPS color LCD
Resolution: 240 (H) RGB x280 (V)
Interface type: 8bit 8080 MCU interface
Control chip: ST7789V2
The highlight of this screen is high definition IPS, and the display direction can be adjusted.
Display color: color
Display area 27.972 (H) x 32.634 (V)
Panel size 30.07 (H) x37.43 (V) x1.56 (d)
Pixel spacing 0.11655 (H) x 0.11655 (V)
Pin number: 18pin (welded 18pin, 0.7mm spacing)
Perspective direction: full perspective
Working temperature - 20 ~ 70 ℃
Logic voltage 3.3V
Backlight type: 3 white LED parallel
Brightness 480 (typ) CD / m2



1. Adafruit ST7789 and ST7735 Library

2. Adafruit’s GFX library (necessary library)

3. Interfacing STM32 Blue Pill Board with ST7789 TFT Display

4. Working with STM32F4 and SPI-TFT: ST7789 IPS 240×240 LCD

5. Raspberry Pi, STM32, Arduino examples.



1.69 Inch Color TFT Display Module - 240X280, SPI, ST7789V Driver

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