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HLK-5M12 Hi-link 12V 5W AC to DC Power Supply Module is a plastic enclosed PCB mounted isolated switching step-down power supply module. It can supply 12V DC from  120V AC – 230V AC and has a power rating of 5 Watt. This makes it perfect for small projects that need a 12 volt supply from mains. This power supply module replaces lots of parts from the traditional power supply like diodes, voltage regulator and transformers. Therefore there are many advantages for these modules, such as low-temperature rise, low power, high efficiency, high reliability, high-security isolation etc.

This Power Supply Module voltage source is a switching source, so you do not have to worry about fluctuations in voltage grid. It is designed to be mounted on the PCB and is the ideal solution to power pads that you take. It is widely used in a smart home, automation and control, communication equipment, instrumentation and other industries.



HLK-5M12 Hi-link 12V 5W - AC to DC Power Supply Module:-


  • Rated input voltage 100-240 VAc
  • Input voltage range 90-264 VAc
  • Maximum input current ≤0.2 A
  • Input current surge  ≤10 A
  • maximum input voltage ≤270 VAc
  • Enter slow start ≤50 mS
  • Input Low Voltage Efficiency Vin=110VAc,Output full-load≥69 %
  • Input High Voltage Efficiency Vin=220VAc,output full-load≥70 %
  • Long-term reliability MTBF≥100,000 h
  • Load rated output voltage +12±0.1 VDc
  • Full rated output voltage 12±0.2 VDc
  • Short-term maximum output current ≥540mA
  • The maximum output current for a long time ≥450 mA
  • Voltage Regulation ±0.2 %
  • Load Regulation ±0.5 %
  • Output ripple and noise (mVp-p) ≤50
  • Rated input voltage, full load. Using 20MHz of bandwidth,
  • The load side 10uF and 0.1uF capacitor to be tested. mV
  • Switch overshoot amplitude (Rated input voltage and output load plus 10%)≤5 %VO
  • Output over-current protection 150-200% of the output maximum load A
  • Output short circuit protection Direct short circuit at the normal output, automatically resume normal operation after a short circuit removal

AC to DC AC-DC Power Supply Module - 12VDC 5W HLK-5M12

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