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Crystal 16MHz 16.000M HC-49S type passive crystal

Load capacitance+/- 20 PPM

Color: Silver

Size : 16 x 10.5 x 4.5mm


The difference between passive and active crystal oscillator, Passive crystal is a non polar element , has 2 terminals, need the help of oscillation signal from the clock circuit to oscillate, and it itself can not oscillate.
Passive crystal need on-chip DSP oscillator, applicable to a variety of voltage, can be used for a variety of different clock signal voltage requirements of the DSP, and the price is usually lower, so for general application if conditions permit suggest the use of the high accuracy crystal oscillator. it is especially suitable for large batch producer. The negtive is that it has poor signal quality, usually the peripheral circuit needs capacitance, inductance, resistance signal, and the replacement of different frequency crystal peripheral configuration circuit need to make corresponding adjustment. Recommend the use of quartz crystal with high accuracy, as far as possible not to use low precision ceramic crystal.

16MHZ 16 MHZ HC-49S Crystal Oscillator

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