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- Display Format 16x4 Character
- Sunlight Readable No
- Touch Panel Optional No
- Interface 6800 4-bit Parallel, 6800 8-bit Parallel
- Display Type STN-LCD Blue

Outline Dimension 87.0(W)x60.0(H)x12.5(T)mm
Visual Area: 61.70x25.20mm
Active Area: 56.20x20.80mm
Character Size: 2.95x4.75mm
Dot (Pixel) Size: 0.55x0.55mm
Dot Pitch: 0.60x0.60mm
Response Time(Typ): No
Contrast Ratio(Typ): No
Viewing Direction :6:00
Backlight Color: blue
Backlight Current (Typ): 45mA
Power Supply(Typ): 5.0V
Supply Current for LCM(Max): 1800uA
Operating Temperatur: -20?~70?
Storage Temperature: -30?~80?


Project Example


16x4 Character i2c LCD Screen Blue Blacklight Display Module for Arduino

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