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Product Description:

The cable is about 30cm long, and the high-quality HDMI male to double HDMI female conversion cable is mainly used to connect the HDMI connector with HDMI signal source. The HDMI male to double HDMI female conversion cable solves the trouble of switching HDMI display equipment. It can be used to connect one PC or DVD HDMI signal source to two HDTVs with HDMI interface (two TVs cannot be displayed at the same time), one HDMI male to two HDMI female conversion cable. Gold Plated connector, super stable data transmission. Support 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p and other clear video transmission, high-resolution image. Suitable for digital signal transmission; Interface type: one end is HDMI male and the other end is two HDMI female ports (not frequency division line, which cannot be displayed at the same time) Product length: 30cm Wire diameter: od: 7.5mm shielded double-layer anti-interference It is made of gold-plated terminal, soft rubber and other materials, with soft body, good bending and no attenuation. 2. High purity oxygen free copper (OFC) conductor and high shielded core isolation audio and video cable can decompose video signal into brightness and chroma signal transmission. 3. Anti interference cable structure design, large-scale shielding of all interference clutter and high-quality multi-layer shielding wire material composition. 4. The high-density shielding layer eliminates electromagnetic interference. The image quality is clearer and fuller. The high-density shielding layer is designed with fidelity, strong anti-interference performance and good signal transmission effect Applicable to: the original equipment interface will be connected out to reduce the number of plug-in times and reduce the damage to the connector



2 Port HDMI Splitter 1 In 2 Out Male to Femal Video Cable Adapter hdmi Switch Co

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