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This small 3.5-inch touch screen module is designed specially for Arduino UNO. This is ideal for DIY anywhere, anytime, and does not require any separate power source or case to hold it. The screen also comes with a stylus to interact with the small screen.


  • Supports development boards such as Arduino UNO and Mega2560 for plug-in use without wiring
  • 480X320 resolution, clear display, support for touch function
  • Support 16-bit RGB 65K color display, display rich colors
  • 8-bit parallel bus, faster than serial SPI refresh
  • On-board 5V/3.3V level shifting IC, compatible with 5V/3.3V operating voltage
  • Easy to expand the experiment with SD card slot
  • Provides an Arduino library with a rich sample program
  • Military-grade process standards, long-term stable work
  • Provide underlying driver technical support

1. A-Z Guide to Interfacing TFT LCD Displays W/ Arduino

2. How to use ILI9486 driver 3.5″ TFT LCD touch screen with Arduino 



3.5 inch TFT LCD Touch Screen Display Shield for Arduino Uno

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