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Matrix keypads are  kinds of keypads usually seen on cell phones, calculators, microwaves ovens, door locks, etc. 

However, in DIY electronics, they are mostly used to let users interact with your project .They are often used to navigate menus, punch in passwords and control robots.

They do come in sizes of 4×3, 4×4, 4×1 etc. Regardless of their size, they all work in the same way. They come with an adhesive backing so you can attach it to nearly any surface. You just have to pull off the backing paper  and then you place it on the surface.



  • Pad Size: 77 x 70 x 0.8mm
  • Transparence cable length: 86mm
  • Connector: 7 pins (Pitch 2.54mm)
  • Mounted: Adherence
  • Maximum Circuit
  • Rating: 35VDC, 100mAa
  • Insulation Resistance: 100M Omh, 100V
  • Dielectric Withstand: 250VRms (50-60Hz, 1min)
  • Contact Bounce: <=5ms
  • Life Expectancy: 1 million closures
  • Operation Temperature: 0 to +70 centigrade
  • Humidity: 40 centigrade, 90%-95%, 240 hours


Arduino Interface


4 X 4 Membrane Keypad

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