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5V boost board lithium battery charging protection board perfume boost board motherboard 134N3P scheme DIY charger


The power management chip is 134N3P TP4223 134R2P. The three functional parameters are exactly the same.
5V booster board lithium battery charging protection board perfume booster board 134n3p scheme can DIY charger with Android phone charging port and USB output port
Charging red light flashes red light is on when it is full
Discharge blue light flashes

   134n3p is a single-chip solution specially designed for mobile power, which integrates a charge management module, discharge management module, power detection and LED indicator module and protection module. 134N3P has built-in charging and discharging power MOS, and the charging current can be set. Maximum charge current and maximum discharge current 1A. 134N3P integrates almost all safety protection functions such as constant temperature charging operation mode, over-temperature protection, over-charge and over-discharge protection, output over-voltage protection, output overload protection, output short-circuit protection, etc. The safety of the chip and lithium-ion battery, while the 134N3P application circuit is simple, only a few components can achieve charge management and discharge management.


Charge and discharge status indication
Built-in charging and discharging power MOS
Input voltage: 3.7V ~ 5.5V
Charging current: 1A max
Output current: maximum 1A
Output voltage: 5V
BAT discharge termination voltage: 2.9V
Preset 4.2V charging voltage with an accuracy of ± 1%
Discharge efficiency: 85% (input 3.7V, output 5V / 1A)
Maximum 8uA standby current
Integrated charge management and discharge management
Intelligent temperature control and over-temperature protection
Integrated output overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, heavy load protection
Integrated overcharge and over discharge protection
Support trickle mode and zero voltage charging

5V boost board lithium battery charging protection board

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