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886D 750W Temperature Adjustment Soldering Iron Hot Air Gun Rework Station

886D 750W Temperature Adjustment Soldering Iron Hot Air Gun Rework Station Digital 2 in 1 SMD Soldering Station Welding Repair


MAIXI 886D EU Digital 2 in 1 Soldering Station SMD Rework Station with Hot Air Gun Soldering Iron Desoldering Station



Output Power - 750W (MAX)

Input Voltage - AC 110V/220V  50/60HZ

Outer Casing Material - Steel

Noise - ≤45dB

Appearance Volume - 180*140*100mm


Rework Hot Air Gun:

Output Power - 750W (MAX)

Input Voltage - AC 110V/220V  50/60HZ

Temperature Range - 100°~480°

Gas Flow - 120L/Min (MAX)

Heat Gun Heating Core - Nickel Wire Metal Heating Core

LCD Display - Yes


Soldering Iron:

Output Power - 60W(MAX)

Input Voltage - AC 24V  50/60HZ

Temperature Range -  200°~480°

Soldering Iron Heating Core - Ceramic Heating Core

Soldering Iron Tip of Grounding Resistance - Lower than 2Ω

LCD Display - Yes



1.SMD Rework Soldering Iron temperatures all can be displayed on the LCD screen.

2.Use PID microcomputer control,warming-up quickly,to  the setting temperature only within 3-5 seconds,Use the brushless fan,and long life and low noise.

3.Digital Blue LED display,unique appearance,thickened metal plate, small size, anti-fall, anti-impact.

4.Automatic cooling function for effectively prolonging the heater's life and protecting the hot air gun.

5.Safely remove BGA-IC,keep pins intact,Much more safe and reliable,Blowing PCB will not  make it blister

6.Essential product for cell phone repair, laptop repair, circuit boards, etc,Suitable for unsoldering multiple components,such as SOIC CHIP QFP PLCC and BGA etc (especially for flat cables and cable connectors).

7.Applicable for hot contraction heating,depainting,degluing,defrosting,Preheating and  rubber soldering and so forth.



1.Due to the handle have Precision Horizontal Sensor,When you pick up the handle ,tube nozzle toward up, the gun will automatically step into standby model.when the temperature is less than 100 Degrees,the screen display(SLP),the equipment is on standby model,after temperature of heating element is less than 70°,it will automatically stop rotation,it use for protecting the hot air gun life.

2.The heat gun and power cord are not removable.


Package Included:

1 x 886D+ Soldering Station

1 x Hot Air Gun Handle

1 x Soldering Iron

2 x Tweezers(fine tip curved,fine tip straight  )

3 x Heat Gun Nozzles(5mm/8mm/12mm)

1 x IC Extractor

1 x Soldering Stand(with Cleaning Sponge)

1 x Desoldering Pump

1 x Mini Pliers

1 x Mini Phillips Screwdriver

1 x English Instruction Manual


886D 750W Temperature Adjustment Soldering Iron Hot Air Gun Rework Station

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