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The A9 is a complete quad-band GSM / GPRS module in a compact design SMD package. Its stable performance, the appearance of compact, cost-effective, could meet the diverse needs of customers.
The A9 can be used in a wide range of IoT applications and is ideal for IoT applications for home automation, industrial wireless control, wearable electronics, wireless location sensing devices, wireless location system signals and other IoT applications. A9 SMD package, through the standard SMT equipment to achieve rapid production of products, especially for automation, large-scale, low-cost modern production methods for the convenience of a variety of Internet of Things hardware terminal applications.


  • Complete quad-band GSM / GPRS module, 800/900/ 1800/1900MHz
  • Low power mode, average current 2mA or less
  • Supports digital audio and analog audio, supports HR, FR, EFR, AMR voice coding
  • Support voice calls and SMS messages
  • Embedded network service protocol stack
  • Support standard GSM07.07,07.05
  • AT command and Anxin expandable command set
  • Support PBCCH
  • Supports firmware upgrade via serial port




1. A9 GSM GPRS Pudding Board AT Commands and Firmware Update

2. Ai-Thinker GPRS C SDK documentation

3. Getting Started with A9G Low Power GSM/GPRS+GPS Module with Arduino

4. GSM/GPRS operation example



A9 GSM/GPRS Module SMS Voice Wireless Data Transmission Pudding board

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