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Alloy tip + ABS strong plastic 

Working Temperature: 430 degrees Celsius 

Power: 60W 

Voltage:  220V/110v    

Rated with a diameter of 0.8-1.2mm tin line. 

Soldering Iron Tip:900M Series 

Warm-up time: 2-4 minutes 



1. 900M series soldering iron tip, fast heating, durable,easy to replace.

2. Natural mica heating core, heating up fast, long life, can be replaced, easily assembled and dismantled.

3. High-quality ABS plastic shell, holding comfort, long-term operation will not fatigue.

4. Tin wire scaffold can be disassembled, easy to use.

5. With power switch, more energy efficient and safer.Power cord is soft, can be bent, more durable.

6. Internal heating soldering gun,It can prevent users from being burnt by high temperature

7. The side door design makes it easy to view the internal operation and easy to replace the heating core.

8. Can be operated by one-handed, to view the tin situation at any time, not easy to make mistakes.

9. Scientific design, not easy to stuck.

10. With a suction tin device, more convenient.



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