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XH-M203 Automatic Water Level Controller Pump Relay Switch Module, its operating and working voltage is AC/DC 12V and the output current capacity is 10A. Output type is a relay output and fully automatic control type. This Automatic water tank level controller Using a relay and the input of two sensors (max-limit and min-limit sensors), this module is capable of switching devices such as a pump on and off accordingly. It is ideal for applications where one needs to control the liquid level of a tank. In such application, whenever the liquid level is at minimum, the min-limit sensor should trigger the relay powering the pump on and filling the tank with the liquid. Once the liquid level has reached the maximum level, the max-limit should trigger the module and make the relay switch the pump off and so on.
1.Model: XH-M203
2.Working voltage: AC/DC12V
3.Output capacity: 10A
4.Output type: relay output
5.Control type: full automatic
6.Size: 6x3.8cm/2.36x1.50inch
7.Installation: M3 screw hole

Automatic switch liquid level water pump controller XH-M203

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