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Full HD 1080P AV2VGA Adapter AV to VGA Converter Adapter Supports PAL NTSC with USB Charge Cable

1080P 60Hz AV2VGA Converter AV/RCA to VGA Video Adapter for TV, Monitor


The VGA video converter is used to convert various computer images, from 640x480 to 1920x1080, to support NTSC or PAL video. It provides a composite output format. It is used for applications such as video conferencing, home theater, lecture room or computer image conversion.

1. Automatic detection and conversion of incoming PC image NTSC, PAL.
2. Supporting high resolution PC input to SXGA (1920 @ 60Hz).
3. Supporting resolution: 640x480 60 fps; 800x600 60 frames, 75 frames, 60 frames, 75 frames; 1024x768,
1280x720 60 frames; 1280x768 60 frames, 75 frames; 1280x1024 60 frames per second, 75 frames;
1360x768 60 fps; 1400x1050 60 fps; 1440x900 60fps;
60 frames per second, 60 frames are 1680x1050; 1600x1200; 1920x1080 frames per second;

AV2VGA Adapter AV to VGA Converter Adapter

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