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The whole network smallest adjustable boost module can be easily installed in a variety of small equipment.

The module supports MicroUSB input, a USB charger or mobile power supply can easily get to 9V, 12V, 15V,18V, 24V easy to use.

Wide input and output voltage, high conversion efficiency.





Maximum output current: 2A (recommended for use within 1A)

Input voltage: 2V~24V

Output voltage: 5V~28V (recommended for use within 26V)

Efficiency: >93%

Size: 30mm * 17mm * 14mm (L* W * H)

This module is a step-up module, the output voltage is larger than the input voltage.

peak current output current does not exceed 2A.

BAiC BOOST SE-2A DC-DC, Adjust V out, Input: DC 2.5-8V

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