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BC327 is a general purpose PNP BJP transistor that can be used for switching and amplification purposes in electronic circuits. The transistor features 800mA collector current hence it can be used to drive variety of loads in an electronic application. The max collector-emitter voltage is -45V therefore it can easily handle load voltage under 45V. Apart from that transistor also features 625mW collector dissipation and DC current gain of maximum 630 therefore it can also be used as an audio amplifier or for any type of signal amplification.

BC327 manufactured in different hFE classification that can be differentiate with the code number written after the transistor number. If you find code -16 after the transistor number then the hFE  will be 100~250, if the code is -25 then the hFE  will be 160~400 and if the code is -40 then the hFE  will be 250~630.




BC327-25 PNP Transistor 45V 0.5A

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