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 BD649 technical specifications, attributes, and parameters.

BD649 Transistor, Npn, 100V, To-220;

Transistor Polarity: NPN;

Collector-Emitter Voltage V(Br)Ceo:100V;

Dc Collector Current:8A;

Power Dissipation Pd:62.5W;

Transistor Mounting:through Hole;

No. Of Pins:3Pins;

Product Range:- Rohs Compliant: Yes.

Transition Frequency ft:10MHz;

Power Dissipation Pd:62.5W;

DC Collector Current:8A;

DC Current Gain hFE:1500hFE;

Transistor Case Style:TO-220;

Operating Temperature Max:150°C;

Av Current Ic:8A;

Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage Vce(on):2V;

Continuous Collector Current Ic Max:8A;

Current Ic Continuous a Max:8A;

Current Ic hFE:3A;

Device Marking:BD649;

Full Power Rating Temperature:25°C;
Operating Temperature Min:-55°C;

Operating Temperature Range:-55°C to +150°C;

Power Dissipation Ptot Max:62.5W;

Termination Type:Through Hole

; Transistor Type:Darlington;

Voltage Vcbo:120V.


BD649 NPN Transistor 100V

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