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STM32 Blue Pill is a high-performance, breadboard friendly development board with loads of features in a small form factor. It features a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor running at 72MHz frequency with 64Kbytes of flash memory and 20 Kbytes of SRAM. It has an extensive range of I/O and peripherals, including multi-channel Direct Memory Access, several high resolution ADC, and three general purpose 16-bit timers plus one PWM timer. It also has multiple communication interfaces including two I2Cs and SPIs, three UARTs, an USB and a CAN. Further, it allows you to add additional flash by soldering an SPI Flash to the board.

This development board is pre-flashed with an Arduino bootloader, so you can download the sketch just like other Arduino board.

The STM32 Blue Pill can be programmed using either the Type-C USB connector (if bootloader is flashed), the STLink USB dongle, or an external USB to 3.3V TTL adapter.



  • STM32F103C8T6, 72 MHz ARM Cortex-M3
  • 64K Flash, 20K SRAM.
  • 32.768KHz crystal for RTC
  • 3 buttons: user, boot and reset
  • USB type-c connector
  • 32 digital I/O Pins (12 of which are PWM)
  • 14 Analog Inputs
  • 3 UART Ports
  • 2 I2C Ports
  • 2 SPI Ports

BluePill: STM32F103C8T6 20K SRAM,64K Flash

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