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This board is an HC-10 Bluetooth 4.0 master/slave module. It can use AT commands to set baud rate, pairing password and module name. It’s capable of connecting to computers, other Bluetooth modules, mobile phones etc.

The module is based on the Texas Instruments CC2541 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) System on Chip (SoC). It’s perfect for adding Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to your next DIY project.




  • Master/slave unit in one module
  • Use AT commands to set various settings
  • Based on TI CC2541 BLE SoC
  • Communicate with computers, mobile phones, etc.
  • Compatible with iPhone/iPad (iOS 6 and above), Android devices (Version 4.3 and above)
  • Ultra-low standby power consumption (90uA~400uA)
  • Built-in PCB antenna
  • Input Voltage: 3.6V - 6.0V
  • Default Pairing Password: 123456
  • Default Baud Rate: 9600

Bluetooth 4.0 BLE CC2541 Compatible With HM-10

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