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D69-2049 Multi-Functional Color Screen AC Voltmeter Ammeter Voltage Current Power Meter AC 80-300V 100A


Product Features:

1. The D69-2049 digital multi-functional meter can simultaneously measure and display the AC voltage, AC current, active power and electric energy (electricity consumption).
2. Instrument display adopts colorful high-definition LCD screen.
3. It is without dead ends in 180 degrees.


Product Parameters:

1. Measuring Range:
AC Voltage: AC 80.0-300.0V(or AC200.0-450.0 V) the user should select a suitable range when ordering.
AC current: AC 0-99.99 A current display resolution is 0.01A, and displays 100.0A when it is over 100A.
Active Power: the measurement range is 0-45000 W, and display resolution between 0-9999.9W is 0.1W, and the rest is 1W
Power: measuring range is 0-9999 999kwh, minimum display resolution within 0-9999.999kwh is 0.001kwh, and minimum display resolution within 10000.00-99999.99kwh is 0.01kwh, then the minimum resolution within 100000.0-999999.9kwh is 0.1kwh, and the rest is 1kwh.

2. Overall Dimensions: 79 *43 *48mm / 3.11*1.69*1.89 inches
3. Installation Size: about 76*39mm / 2.99*1.54 inches
4. Save Function / Memory Function / Auto Save function: when power is off, the meter will automatically save the current power value, and will read the value and continue to accumulate it after after being electrified.


D69-2049 Multi-Functional Color Screen AC Voltmeter Ammeter Volt Current Power

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