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Product Description

When the car starts the voltage will be pulled down to below 7V or less, the engine at high speed when the voltage up to 15V or higher. This auto-buck-boost module solves this problem for devices operating at 12V, and the output can be stabilized at 12V regardless of the input voltage being 5V or 12V or 32V.



Wide input voltage: 5V~32V

Wide output voltage: 1.25V~35V(with automatic lifting pressure ,the scope of work ,any arbitrary voltage input voltage output can be regulated);

Built-4A efficient MOSFET switch,so that the efficiency up to 94%;(lM2577 current is only 3A)

High swithing frequency 400KHz,ripple smaller and smaller.(LM2577 frequency only 50KHz)


Application areas:

Auto regulator,solar photovoltaic,wind power applications such as voltage instability 

Technical parameters:

the nature of non-synchronous rectification

Input Range: 3.8V~32V

Output Range: 1.25V~35V

Input current: 3A(max), load :18mA (5V input,8V output,load fo less than 18mA.HIghe the voltage,the load current increases.)

Conversion efficiency: <94%(greater the pressure,the lower efficiency)

Switching Freqyency: 400KHZ

Output ripple: 50mV (the higer the voltage,the greater the current,the greater the ripple)Load Regulation

Load Regulation: ±0.5%

Voltage regulation: ±0.5%

Operating temperrature: -40°~ +85°



DC-DC Adjustable Buck-Boost Step Up Down Converter XL6009 Module

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