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Perfect for energy conversion of the water into electrical energy mechanical equipment
Directly used to charge small battery, mobile phone, or power supply for LED lights, etc
Output current: Max. greater than equal 220mA
Line resistance: 10.5+/-0.5ohm
Insulation resistance: 10Mohm (DC100 megohmmeter)
Closed outlet pressure: Max. 0.6Mpa
Opened outlet pressure: Max. 1.2Mpa
Starting water pressure: 0.05Mpa
Axial clearance: 0.2-1.0mm
Mechanical noise: less than equal 55dB
Output characteristics: output voltage without the voltage regulator circuit is proportional to the water pressure
Installation: standard household 1/2 inch water pipe (Outer diameter:20mm, inner diameter:13mm)
voltage: 0-80V
colour:Transparent + yellow/black

DC0-80V Water Turbine Generator Water 10W Micro-hydro Hydro Generator

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