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DC12V 72W 6A Mini Micro Electrical Reflux Water Pump Self Priming Diaphragm Booster Pump
The Reflux type pump can adjust the maximum pressure. When turn the pressure screw as clockwise, the maximum pressure becomes larger, but it can not be adjusted Unrestrainedly, otherwise it is easy to be broken. When turn the pressure screw as counterclockwise, the maximum pressure becomes small. The factory has already adjusted well, no special circumstances, it is not recommended to adjust the pressure screw.


1.When the water outlet is completely blocked, the motor will not stop, but the return valve will open, and the water will
circulate in the pump.
2. The mounting feet are rubber instead of rigid plastic, which provides fairly good vibration isolation.
3.Inlet must use filters,the power supply must form a complete set.


More Specifications:

Name: DC12V 72W 6A Water Pump
Model Number : 12826A,19139A,10803A
Connection size: 1/2" Male thread
Voltage: DC 12V(9-14.4V)
Electricity: 6A
Rated power: 72W
Pressure setting: 0.90MPA
Flow rate(MAX): 6L/Min
Adapter input: AC100-240V;50/60 Hz
Adapter output: 12V-6A
Vertical suction length: 1.5m
Pumping Head: 7m


DC12V 72W 6A Mini Micro Electrical Reflux Water Pump , Diaphragm Booster Pump

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