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Double sided blank PCB (copper clad board, copper clad laminate, CCL), sold per each.

Please note that dimensions are +/- about 2-3mm in length and width

This is thinner stock, normal PCB stock is about 1.6mm, this is about 1mm thick +/- about 0.1mm (including the copper surface)

Lighter but just as rigid as full thickness, this might be useful for your diy drone projects maybe, saving every gram you can.

Weight is approx 0.22g per square cm of board area including copper.

Works just like normal pcb stock, it's still stiff (that is, not flexible), still FR4 reinforced glass fibre resin and all that, just half as thick.

If you know what this is, I don’t have to explain much more!

Great for your home etching trials and tribulations.

May have my finger prints, surface scuff from shipping and inspection, mild surface oxidation etc, you of course need to clean any blank board thoroughly when you transfer your artwork, so such surface marks do not affect the usage. I visually inspect each board to ensure there is nothing that would cause a problem.

I have various different types of blank PCB stock, check my other listings.

Double Side PCB FR4 10x15cm 1.6mm

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