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1.Chip: CM108
2. Support system: Windows /2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7/Linux/WinCE(5.0 6.0)/Android (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 4.0)/Mac.
3.23 kinds of acoustic fields preserve the mode, 16 kinds of rhythm preserve the mode.
4. USB interface port, Plug, and play replace traditional sound c5a.1r6d rhythms default mode.
5. Connect a speaker or headphones directly to the adapter in order to enjoy the virtual 7.1 channel soundtrack.
6. Compatible with USB2.0 pure digital sound output, virtual 7.1channel processing power.

Features and Advantages:
1. Dual headphone and microphone interfaces.
2. Two little LED lights to display working stations.
3. The microphone recording function.
4. Karaoke function.
5. Dynamic rotating sound field.
6. Multichannel technology to realize the 7.1 channel of dynamic sound.
7. Speaker and headphone mode switch function freedom.
8. Simulation speaker position-free adjustment function.
9. Sound Mixer function.
10. Output level adjustment.

11. Put analog signal (microphone and CD, MP3, TV, radio line signal, etc) into digital signals and preserve function.
12. Real USB Plug & Play.
13. Drive 2CH speakers Directly & support 3D positional sound and virtual 7.1 CH sound track.
14. Use USB port power Directly.
15. External power adapter NO NEED.
16. Support the common speakers or headset, with two pairs of microphone holes.
17. Function keys: Microphone mute, speaker, mute, volume, volume down.
18. Speaker and headphone mode switch function freedom.
19. Simulation speaker position-free adjustment function.
20. Volume adjust buttons, convenient to control volume.
21. Double mute switch button: the microphone mute buttons and sound output mute buttons.
22. Lovable with a special appearance.


Double Sound Card Virtual 7.1 Channel USB Adapter Dual Microphone and Headset

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