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L9110S DC motor/stepper motor driver board, motor driver board, H bridge motor driver

A module description

1 Motor driver of dual L9110S chips

2 Module supply voltage: 2.5-12V

3 Suitable motor range: the motor operating voltage is between 2.5v-12V, and the maximum operating current is 0.8A. The current smart car voltage and current on the market are within this range

4 Can drive 2 DC motors at the same time, or 1 4-wire 2-phase stepping motor.

5 PCB board size: 2.8cm*2.1cm ultra-small size, suitable for assembly

6 With fixed mounting holes, diameter: 3mm

Two module interface description

[Description of 6P black curved pin header]

1 VCC External 2.5V-12V voltage

2 GND External GND

3 IA1 External MCU IO port

4 IB1 External MCU IO port

5 IA2 External MCU IO port

6 IB2 External MCU IO port


[Description of 4P green terminal]

1 OA1 OB1 Connect to 2 pins of DC motor, no direction

2 OA2 OB2 Connect to 2 pins of DC motor, no direction

Three Module Instructions

Turn on VCC, the GND module power indicator is on

IA1 input high level, IA1 input low level, [OA1 OB1] the motor rotates forward;

IA1 input low level, IA1 input high level,[OA1 OB1]motor reverse;

IA2 input high level, IA2 input low level, [OA2 OB2] the motor rotates forward;

IA2 input low level, IA2 input high level,[OA2 OB2]motor reverse;

Dual L9110S DC Stepper Motor Driver Board H-Bridge Motor driver

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