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Product Description:

* This multi-functional transmitter, input voltage ranges is -2000V~2000V, input current range is -10A~10A.
* It can be used for standard signals, such as 4~20mA, 0~10V, 0~5V,-10V~10V,etc.
BUT, it also can be used for non-standard signals, such as 20~4mA, 10~0V, -10V~10V,etc.
* Standard 35mm DIN rail independent mounting. High precision, high linearity, low temperature drift. Full channel configuration, parameter customized.
* The input, output and power are isolated from each other, isolating the industrial DC voltage signal and converting it into standard current or voltage signal.
* Three-terminal isolation
* High precision 0.1% FS
  • DC 0-300V input
  • DC 0-5V output
  • DC 12V power supply



Input Signal

±10A; ±2000V; 0~75mV

Input Resistance


Output Signal

4-20mA; 20-4mA; ±10V

Output Load Resistance

RL≤500Ω(output current signal)
RL≥10KΩ(output voltage signal)

Power Supply


Current consumption

≤30mA(1 in 1 out,24V power supply output 20mA);

≤50mA(1 in 2 out,24V power supply output 20mA);

≤50mA(2 in 2 out,24V power supply output 20mA);



Respond Time

≤10mS(0-90%) (TYP)

Temperature Drift

0.005%F.S./℃ (-20℃~+55℃)

Isolation Intensity

1500V AC/1min(between input-ouput-power)

Insulation Resistance

≥100MΩ(between input-ouput-power)


Complies with GB/T 18268(IEC61326-1)

Applicable Equipment

Voltage siganl output devices

Working Temperature & Humidity

-20℃~+55℃/<80%humidity(non condensing state)



Wiring Digram

GLT-B Signal Converter - DC 0-300V - Voltage Sensor

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