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Good performance, general purpose piezo buzzer used commonly in alerting / alarming circuits. This is a PCB mountable buzzer can be easily soldered to PCB boad. Most commonly used in at 5v. Long life, stable performance, High Quality with SOT plastic package


Alarm Diameter:22mm/0.86"
Alarm Height:10mm/0.39”
2 Mounting Holes distance:30mm/1.18"
2 Wires length:90mm/3.54"
Buzzer Type: Piezoelectric
Sound Pressure Level 95 dB
Rate Voltage: 12V DC
Operating Voltage: 3 - 24V
Max Current Rating 10mA
Frequency 3900±500Hz
Drive Method: Drive Circuit Built in Mounting Holes

HDC 3-24V High Decibel Active Buzzer

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