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Hi-Link HLK-LD2410B-P  24GHz Human Presence Status Sensor Radar Module Supports GPIO And UART Output in smart scenarios


1. Product introduction  
    LD2410B is a high-sensitivity 24GHz human presence status sensing module developed by Hilink Electronics. Its working principle is to use FMCW frequency-modulated continuous wave to detect human targets in the set space. Combined with radar signal processing and accurate human body sensing algorithms, it realizes high-sensitivity human presence status sensing, and can identify human bodies in motion and stationary states. And auxiliary information such as the distance of the target can be calculated.
   This product is mainly used in indoor scenes to sense whether there is a moving or micro-moving human body in the area, and output the detection results in real time. The farthest sensing distance can reach 5 meters, and the distance resolution is 0.75m. Provides a visual configuration tool, which can easily configure the sensing distance range, sensing sensitivity in different intervals and unmanned delay time, etc., to adapt to different specific application needs.
   Support GPIO and UART output, plug and play, and can be flexibly applied to different smart scenarios and terminal products.


2. Product Features
* Plug and play, easy assembly
* The longest sensing distance is up to 5 meters
* Large detection angle, coverage up to ±60 degrees
* Accurate identification within the interval, support the division of the sensing range, and shield the interference outside the interval
* Multi-level intelligent parameter adjustment can be realized through Bluetooth or serial port to meet the needs of scene changes
* Visual debugging and configuration tools
* Small and simple, the minimum size is only 7mmx35mm
* Supports various installation methods such as ceiling hanging and wall hanging
* 24GHz ISM band, can be certified by FCC and CE spectrum regulations
* The ultimate cost-effective choice


Application scenarios
* Human body sensor light control
It senses whether there is someone in the space, and automatically controls lights, such as lighting equipment in public places, various sensor lights, bulb lights, etc.
* Human body induction wake-up of advertising screen and other equipment
Automatically turn on when people come, and automatically sleep when no one comes to save power, information delivery is more accurate and efficient.
* Life safety protection
UV lamp work protection, to prevent the UV lamp from being turned on when there are people around and causing personal injury;
Automatic detection and alarm of dangerous places to prevent people from entering specific high-risk spaces, such as high-risk places entered by personnel from coal mine blasting.
* Smart home appliances
When there is no one in the room for a long time, the TV, air conditioner and other electrical appliances are automatically turned off, saving energy and safety.
* Intelligent security
Detection and identification of people intruding, staying, etc. within the specified range.

Hi-Link LD2410B with pins 24GHz Human Presence Status Sensor Radar Module

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