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This USB extension cable allows you to easy connect your USB 2.0 device with the hard to reach USB 2.0 port of your for Mac or for Windows PC.

High Quality Shielding cable prevents electro-magnetic interferences and provides superspeed USB 2.0 data synchonization.

Type A USB 2.0 Male connector at one end and Type A USB 2.0 Female connector on the other end.

This USB 2.0 extension cable allows you to take full advantage of your USB devices without having to reach around each time.

Revolutionary 2-in-1 cable for charging power and transferring data simultaneously

Great for the back of the computer, TV, DVD player or any object against a wall

Compliant to USB 2.0 Specification and 2.0 backwards compatible



Angle directions: Left Side, Right Side, Up Side, Down Side

length:Approx. 22cm


90 Degree USB2.0 A Male to Female Extension Adapter cable

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