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This INA219 I2C can be achieved within the maximum error accuracy 85℃ temperature range from - 40℃ to + 1%, the maximum offset is 100 uV. The high-accuracy products combine the advantages of 12-bit resolution. This module can be yuropa bus voltage range is 0 V to + 26 V. Zero CJMCU-219 module is an I2C interface with a drift, bi-directional current/power monitor integrated circuit (IC), and further expand the energy-saving electronic products TI camp. INA219 with the industry's highest accuracy and smallest size, not only to monitor the voltage drop across a shunt resistor on the sensing shunt supply voltage, while also computing power. Used for I2C port zero drift/bidirectional current/power monitoring sensor module

INA219 I2C Zero-drift 2Dir Current Monitor Sensor

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