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RF-NANO is a 2.4G wireless development board developed by emakefun company, integrating the nrf24L01+ wireless chip based on the official standard Arduino Nano V3.0 motherboard. Its size and pins are fully compatible with the standard Nano V3.0 development board, directly compatible with theRF24 open source library,can be set for power consumption, transmission rate, channel, etc., and supports Mixly, Mblock5, Magicblock visual programming. The onboard antenna is optimized for transmission distance up to 30m, with a onboard IPEX patch antenna socket, and an external antenna can achieve a transmission distance of up to 100m.

●Microcontroller ATmega328P
●Nrf24L01+ 2.4G wireless
●Architecture AVR
●Operating Voltage 5 V
●Flash Memory 32 KB of which 2 KB used by bootloader
●Clock Speed 16 MHz
●Analog I/O Pins 8
●Per I/O pin DC Current 40 mA (I/O Pins)
●Input Voltage:7-12 V
●Digital I/O Pins:22
●PWM Output:6
●Power Consumption 19 mA
●PCB Size 48 x 18mm



1. RF-NANO-Operating-Instruction_V.1.1.pdf

2. Getting Started with the RF-Nano Arduino/NRF24L01+ Combo

3. rf-nano introduction and examples


Integrated NRF24L01 wireless module RF-Nano Compatible with ATMEGA328P Nano V3.0

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