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Product description

Ky-033 Tracking Path for Arduino DIY Kit Tracking Module for Intelligent Rover's Infrared Detection Sensor Channel with 3-pin

1.Detect the distance and test the white paper about 2 centimeters. The more white the more different colors are.

2. Power supply voltage: 2.5 V to 12 V, not more than 12 V (Note: The use of low supply voltage, high supply voltage, the sensor life will be shorter, 5 V power supply is the preferred power supply).

3. Operating current, 5 V

    consumption current 18-20ma.

   After many tests, the sensor hardware is set to the current performance of 18milliamps with the best performance of 20 milliamps, which is mainly manifested in anti-capacity interference.

4. The When object detected, the final output signal level is low;  and if no object is detected, then the final output signal is high.

5. The TTL level sensor output can be connected directly to the microcontroller's IO port 3.3 volts or 5 volts. 


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