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 JDY-16 Version Supports (WeChat, App, Android) Transparent, IO, RTC, PWM, and other functions
1.BLE High-Speed ​​Transparent Transmission Supports 8K bytes communication rate
2. Send and receive unlimited data byte, support 115200 Frequent transmission rate Send and receive data
3.Support 3 modes of work
4.Support (serial port, IO, APP) Wake up sleep
5. Support Wechat Airsync, Wechat widget, and communication app
6.Support 4 channel IO control port
7. High precision RTC clock support
8. Support PWM function (can be controlled by UART, IIC, application, etc.)
9.Support UART and iic communication mode, default to UART communication
Technical parameters:
 1. Serial port and unlimited reception byte during transparent transmission
2. Efficient communication Distance within 80 meters
3. Working temperature: -40 ~ + 80 ° C
4. Communication rate 8k bytes per second
5. Support UART and iic communication mode
6. Working voltage: 1.8-3.3V

JDY-16 Bluetooth 4.2 Module High Speed ​​Power Data Transfer BLE Module Comp

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