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Product Description

JST PH 2.54 2-pin connector plug male and 10 cm red and black silicone cable wire with female connector Features: JST connectors and cable wires: Terminal spacing: 2.54 mm, the pins are sturdy, will not loose easily. Cable wires are made of silicone in black and red color, red cable connects positive pole, black cable connects negative pole. The cable wire type is 24 AWG, each is approx. 10 cm/ 3.9 inches in length , micro size can meet your needs. Applicable to: Suit well for Li-Po batteries balance charger plug, these micro JST PH 2.54 2-pin connectors are good partners for helicopter, quadcopter, air plane, boat and car controller. Specifications: Cable length: approx. 10 cm/ 3.9 inches Type: 24 AWG Cable material: silicone Plug connector material: plastic and metal Cable wire color: black, red Plug connector color: white

JST PH 2.54 2 Pin Connector Plug and Connector

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