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2-channel DC motor driving module Positive inversion PWM speed mini motor dual h-bridge stepper motor driver


The mini L298N bridge stepper motor has a build in overheat protection and you do not need to worry about a malfunction. It is suitable for battery powered smart cars, toy cars and robots. The supply voltage of 2 V to 10 V can drive up to two DC motors or a 4 line 2 phase stepper motor simultaneously. Moreover, you can adlust the rotation speed. Remarkable is its small size and its low electricity consumption.


Product parameters:

  • Dual H-bridge motor drive, you can drive two DC motors or a four-wire two-phase stepper motor;
  • Module supply voltage 2V-10V;
  • Signal input voltage 1.8-7V;
  • Single - channel operating current of 1.5A, the peak current up to 2.5A, low standby current (less than 0.1uA);
  • Built-in anti-co-state conduction circuit, the input is vacant, the motor will not malfunction;
  • Built-in thermal protection circuit with hysteresis (TSD), no need to worry about motor stall;
  • Product size: 23.5 * 20* 5mm (LWH), ultra-small size, suitable for assembly and automotive;
  • Mounting hole diameter: 2 mm.



  1. Positive and negative power supply reverse polarity will certainly cause circuit damage.
  2. Output short circuit to ground or output short circuit, as well as the case of motor stall, the chip will be thermal protection, but close to or exceeded10VVoltage and peak current greatly exceeding 2.5A of the case will also cause chip to get burned.


L298N dual H-bridge driver for 2 DC motors with PWM speed or one stepper motor

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