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DVI 24 + 1 pin male to VGA female converter adapter DVI-D
converter DVI-D 24 + 1 male pin to VGA female
connect VGA / SVGA monitor DVI cable
male DVI-D to a female VGA adapter.
The DVI-D Male to Female VGA Adapter is designed for digital to analog machine converter only.
And it can not convert digital data to analog data directly
Package includes: 1x Male DVI-D to Female VGA Adapter

DVI-A Male to VGA Female connections
Bi-Directional; can adapt signals in both directions
Compatible with Analogue DVI-A and DVI-I signals only
Supports Analog Video only- VGA and all DVI formats do not support Audio
Features VGA (15-Pin) socket to DVI (24+5 Pin) plug
Compatible with DVI-I (24+5 pin) Dual-Link sockets for analog video
Nickel silver plating for superior conductivity





Male DVI-D to Female VGA Adapter (DVI 24 + 1 Pin)

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