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These  pins  are used in transfering power from power supply devices to loads, these pins provide position for soldering making them compatible for power connection in system developments.

This pin has two terminals inside, and they are named positive and negative , these terminals are separated with a plastic insulator for better performance. They are capable of carrying current up to 20A in both alternating currents (AC) and direct current(DC), these male power jacks are compatible with the female power jacks with provision of plug and power to ease its functionality.


How to solder cables on the power pin

When installing conductors on this connector follow the following steps

  • Get two good insulated conductors , strip off the insulator at the top most end.
  • Get a soldering iron place it in power and let it heat up for some time.
  • Get the soldering wire ready to solder
  • Get the connector hold the top with one hand and let the other hand hold the back part which is not insulated.  turn the hand holding the connector's insulated part anti-clock wise for the pin screw groves inside to open up
  • Clearly place the positive terminal in the middle port,solder it firmly with the soldering iron and  soldering wire then place it near the terminal and fix the groves inside to hold it tightly in one direction.
  • Get the negative terminal also solder it carefully with the soldering iron onto the other negative outer port
  • Then fix the top insulated part back onto the conductor soldered part after the above steps this pin is  raedy to be used.


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