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  • The MP3 player decoder micro module is based on the MH2024K chip. The Arduino MP3 Player Module supports a serial UART interface in addition to user input via buttons. In this regard, the Arduino MP3 Player Module can be controlled directly via a simple protocol via a serial interface in combination with an MCU such as Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32, ESP8285, Bluetooth, MCU modules, etc.
  • Please note: When operating with 5V appropriate resistors for RXD and TXD (included). The Arduino MP3 has an integrated amplifier with an output power of 3W.



1. Supports 3.3 V - 5 V power supply.
2. small form factor
Length: 20 mm.
Width 20 mm.
Height: 10 mm.
3. Speaker connector
4. TF Card Reader
Fully supports FAT16.
- FAT32 file system
Maximum support 32G of the TF card.
5. U Dsik support.
Support 32G of U disk.
64M bytes north flash.
6. 4 key control.
7. Supports serial protocol thru UART interface.
8. Advertising sound waiting function.
The music can be suspended. When advertising is over in the music continue to play
9. audio data sorted by folder.
Supports up to 100 folders
Every folder can hold up to 255 songs.
10. 30 level adjustable volume
11. 6-level EQ adjustable



Tutorial of MP3-TF-16P

MH2024K MP3 Player Decoder Module Card Reader DFPlayer UART 3.3-5V

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